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Transpack (T) 1995 Ltd has extensive experience in providing professional and cost effective clearing and forwarding services, along with transportation and logistics services in East Africa. We know all the in's & out's of our industry, therefore, whatever you needs, do not hesitate to contact us for a quick quote of our services.


land Freight

TRANSPACK offers road and railway clearing & forwarding, along with transport and logistics services for all types of cargo. Depending on your needs we will advice on the most cost affective solution that meets your demands.

Air Freight

TRANSPACK's long history of working with various airlines is a great asset we utilize to ensure our clients get the best pricing and services from our partners. We know the in's & out's of delivering  excellent service in Tanzania

Ocean freight

 TRANSPACK is your best choice for efficient and professional service in lake and ocean freight. Whether transporting a single item, bulk cargo or liquid cargo. We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of cargo

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For over 23 years, Transpack (T) 1995 Ltd has been a leading Clearing and Forwarding company in Tanzania servicing businesses from various industries across East & Sub-Saharan African countries. Along with clearing and forwarding in all ports and airports in East Africa, we also provide transportation and logistics services. We offer services to both small and big businesses. From importers and exporters of oil & petroleum products to individual small-scale traders

The head office of Transpack is in the city of Mwanza Tanzania, supported by key main branches in Dar-es-Salaam and Sirari (on the Kenya Tanzania border). The Company also provides services on all border posts with neighboring countries: Namanga, Horohoro, Kenya -Tanzania border, Rusumo and Kabanga, Rwanda and Burundi border posts, respectively; Tunduma and Kasumuro at Zambia and Malawi check points respectively. The Dar es Salaam International Airports has a separate office located at terminal 1 building.



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